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The Canadian Medstore is Florida’s premier provider of affordable international prescription medications. We are not a pharmacy but a US company whose goal is to help our clients find the best price on their prescription medication. We work with a number of licensed US and international pharmacies to deliver safe, affordable medication directly to our clients.

Let us help your get all your prescription medication delivered safely to your door!  

Stuck in the Doughnut Hole?

The key to saving money with Medicare Part D is making the plan work for you. We can answer all your questions about Medicare Part D.


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The Canadian Medstore offers low prices on over 2,000 prescription medications.  Call us at 1-866-USA-DRUG for a free quote on your medication. 

Our friendly staff is dedicated to helping you find your medication at the best price and will help you get it delivered quickly and hassle-free directly to your door!  We will take care of calling your pharmacy to get your current prescription transferred over.




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Following are some of our top sellers.  If you don't see your medication listed, don't worry.  Call 1-866-USA-DRUG and we will help you get your needs filled.  Lipitor, Prevacid, Zocor, Nexium, Zoloft, Celebrex, Zyprexa, Neurontin, Effexor XR, Advair Diskus, Norvasc, Wellbutrin SR, Plavix, Pravachol, Vioxx, Singulair, Protonix, Risperdal, Allegra, Paxil, Fosamax, Actos, Celexa, Zithromax Z-, Levaquin, Zyrtec, Seroquel, Viagra, Aciphex, Avandia, Lexapro, Topamax, Bextra, Flonase., Toprol XL, Premarin Tabs, Synthroid, Imitrex Oral, Lotrel,Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Prilosec, Paxil CR, Cipro, Valtrex, Clarinex, Lamisil Oral, Depakote, Altace, Lamictal, Tricor, Evista, Cozaar, Accupril, Flovent, Nasonex, Flomax, Procrit, Aricept, Coreg, Diflucan, Actonel, Zofran, Glucovance, Combivir, Detrol LA, Rebetol, Glucophage XR, Pulmicort Respules, Combivent, Hyzaar, Strattera, Skelaxin, Ortho Evra, PEG-Intron, Lovenox, Avonex, Abilify, Zithromax Susp, Cefzil, Levoxyl, Xalatan, Trizivir, Omnicef, Zetia, Trileptal, CellCept, Ditropan XL, Biaxin XL, Kaletra, Glucotrol XL, Prograf, Asacol, Rhinocort Aqua, Lotensin, Augmentin ES-600, Accutane, Ultracet, Nasacort AQ, Avapro, Mobic, Viread, Provigil, Sustiva, Zithromax, Copaxone, Xopenex, Coumadin Tabs, Elidel, Geodon Oral, Depakote ER, Patanol, Avelox, Pegasys, AndroGel, Neupogen, Zyrtec Syrup, Amaryl, Biaxin, Prozac, Yasmin 28, Epivir, Augmentin XR, Prempro, Lidoderm, Keppra, Proscar, Monopril, Viracept, Betaseron, Niaspan, Gleevec, Imitrex Inj, Amnesteem, BenzaClin, Alphagan P, Miacalcin Nasal, Lescol XL, Zomig, Inderal LA, Bactroban, Aldara, Famvir, RenaGel, Zerit, Macrobid, Tequin, Thalomid, DDAVP, Klor-Con, Avalide, Differin, Serevent, Casodex, Arimidex, Tobradex, Atacand, Humira, Sporanox, Cosopt, Catapres-TTS, Xeloda, Gonal-F, Plendil, Arava, Zelnorm, Serzone, Exelon, Tiazac, Aviane, Dovonex, Penlac, Arthrotec, Lescol, Prevpac, Pletal, Glucophage, Viramune, Serevent Diskus, Epogen, Temodar, Pulmicort Turbuhaler


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